Olo 炭烤圓茄青蔥咖哩


1. Garam Masala 綜合香料

Garam Masala is a spice mix which can be used in mostly any Indian curry or daal (lentil soup). The word “Garam” means hot and masala means spice. We call it hot since the spices we use to make this mix gives heat to the body. 


1-1 Ingredients 食材: 

  • Coriander Seeds/1 cup/香菜籽
  • Cumin seeds/2 tbsp/孜然籽
  • Black Cardamom/2-3 pcs/黑豆蔻
  • Black Pepper/2 tbsp/黑胡椒
  • Cinnamon/2-inch pc/肉桂
  • Green Cardamom/8-10 pcs (1 tbsp) /綠豆蔻
  • Cloves/8 pcs (1tbsp) /丁香
  • Star Anise/1 pc/八角茴香
  • Mace/2 pcs/肉豆蔻皮
  • Bay leaves/2 pcs (medium size) /月桂葉
  • Dry Red Chili/3-4 pcs/乾紅辣椒
  • Salt/1/2 tsp/鹽
  • Nutmeg/1/2 pc (Optional) /肉豆蔻
  • Fennel Seeds/1 tbsp (Optional) /甜茴香

1-2 Method 製作方式:

  1. Dry roast Coriander and Cumin individually until they are cooked 70%. 分開乾炒香菜籽及孜然籽約70%程度。(因為兩者體積不同,孜然籽通常會比較快熟)
  2. Keep them aside to cool. 完成後放置一旁冷卻。
  3. Now roast dry chilies for 2 or 3 minutes. 乾炒乾紅辣椒約2~3分鐘。
  4. Add all the other spices along with salt and roast them. 將其他的食材放入一起與鹽一起乾炒。
  5. Keep them aside until they are cool. 放置一旁冷卻
  6. Now, add all the spices and blend them in a fine powder. 將所有的香料放入攪拌機內打碎成粉末狀及完成。

2. Olo & Rotla 炭烤圓茄青蔥咖哩 與 烤高粱米餅

Olo is a quintessential rural Gujarati curry. It is made by baking eggplants in fire and then stir-frying it with lots of greens. It is mostly made during winter months and eaten along with a thick millet bread called Rotla. 

炭烤圓茄青蔥咖哩是典型的古吉拉特省鄉村的咖哩。這種咖哩通常是將圓茄放在火上烘烤並再鍋上與大量的蔬菜一起翻炒。通常這種咖哩是冬天的幾個月裡常做的,且也時常與烤高粱餅 (Rotla) 一同食用。

2-1 Olo 炭烤圓茄青蔥咖哩

2-1-1 Ingredients 食材:

  • Big Eggplants/2 pcs (600g) /大圓茄
  • Spring Onions/300g/青蔥
  • Spring Garlic/50g/青蒜
  • Ginger Paste/1 tbsp/薑泥
  • Garlic Paste/3 tbsp/蒜泥
  • Green Chili (Chopped)/2 tbsp/綠辣椒切碎
  • Fresh Coriander/100g/香菜
  • Tomato Puree/1 cup/蕃茄泥
  • Turmeric Powder/1 tbsp/薑黃粉
  • Red Chili Powder/1 tbsp or more to taste/紅辣椒粉
  • Salt/2 tsp or to taste/鹽
  • Oil/1/2 cup/蔬菜油

2-1-2 Method 製作方式:

  1. Wash eggplants properly. 將圓茄清洗乾淨。
  2. Dry clean them with a towel and apply oil on them. 用乾淨的毛巾擦乾外表,並用一些蔬菜油塗抹表面。
  3. Make 3 to 4 cuts in each direction of an eggplant. 將圓茄在不同的方向切3至4刀。
  4. Now roast them evenly on open flame or in oven (at 180 degree for 30 minutes) till they are cooked from inside. Flip them over after every few minutes on fire or in oven. 將圓茄放在直火上烘烤(或在烤箱內,約180度30分鐘),直到熟透。烘烤時需要每一面約幾分鐘就需翻面。
  5. Take off the fire and remove the skin carefully then mash the eggplant meat. 熟透之後關火,並小心地將表皮取下,之後再搗碎已處理乾淨的茄子肉。
  6. Take oil in a pot and heat it up. 取一些蔬菜油放入鍋內並加熱。
  7. Add chopped spring onions and spring garlic along with salt. 再鍋內放入切好的青蔥及青蒜與一些鹽。
  8. Sauté and cook for 3 to 4 minutes on medium heat. 中火翻炒約3~4分鐘。
  9. Add ginger, chili and garlic and stir well. 加入薑泥、蒜泥、切碎綠辣椒,再翻炒均勻。
  10. Also add tomato puree and mix everything well. Cook it for a minute. 加入蕃茄泥後攪拌均勻,再煮約一分鐘。
  11. Add turmeric powder and chili powder. 加入薑黃粉及辣椒粉。
  12. Cook till the oil separates and spring onions are nicely cooked. 煮至油水分離及青蔥軟化。
  13. Now, add the mashed eggplants and mix well. 加入搗碎的茄子肉並攪拌均勻。
  14. Let it cook for 3 more minutes. 再煮約3分鐘。
  15. Now, add chopped coriander and turn off the flame. 最後撒上一些切碎的香菜即可關火。

2-2 Jowar Rotli 烤高粱米餅

2-2-2 Ingredients 食材:

  • Jowar Flour/1 cup/高粱米粗粉
  • Water/1 cup/飲用水
  • Salt/1/4 tsp/鹽
  • Oil/1 tsp (Optional)/蔬菜油

2-2-3 Method 製作方式: 

  1. Take water in a pot and boil it. 取飲用水放入鍋內並煮滾。
  2. Once the water starts boiling add salt, oil and flour and stir well to avoid making any lumps. 水開始滾後,依序加入鹽、蔬菜油、及高粱米粗粉,並需要攪拌均勻,避免任何塊狀。
  3. Turn off the heat and cover the pot for 2 to 3 minutes. 關火並蓋上鍋蓋悶約2~3分鐘。
  4. Take the flour out in a wide pot and knead it well for at least 5 to 7 minutes till you get a smooth dough. 將麵團取出並放入寬的調理盆內,需揉約5~7分鐘直至光滑表面的麵團。
  5. Now, take a small portion of dough (approx. 60g) and roll it into a thin flat bread. 取一小份的麵團約60克,擀成一個扁薄型的麵團。
  6. Use a little flour to avoid dough sticking on the surface. 可以取一些高粱米粗粉撒在表面可以避免擀的過程沾黏。
  7. Heat a flat iron pan and put the rotli on the pan. Keep the flame on low to medium heat. 將扁鐵鍋加熱,並放上麵團開始烘烤。使用中小火即可。
  8. Apply water on the top to avoid rotli (flat bread) from drying out. 可以撒上一些飲用水在麵團表面,避免太乾。
  9. After a minute flip it over and cook on the other side. 大約一分鐘後即可翻面。
  10. After two minutes flip it again and gently press the rotli with help of a septula or a towel till it is cooked evenly. 大約二分鐘後可以再翻面,並可以使用鍋鏟或乾淨的毛巾適當的施壓烤餅幫助均勻的在鍋上烘烤。
  11. Take it in a plate and apply some ghee. 完成後放在盤子上並塗抹一些酥油。